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Construction equipment is the heart of housing construction, construction equipment, various types of pipes and vessels are the lifeline of a building suitable for life in the pipeline of key components live. Installation life water, drainage, heating, gas, all kinds of ventilation equipment, air conditioning and electrical installation, network and other projects, specific performance is the use of the pipeline, these devices work properly, people will be able to live a normal life.
        Pipeline is composed of various types of pipe and fittings, in accordance with common pipe materials can be divided into: steel, cast iron pipe, plastic pipe, composite pipe, concrete pipe and other equipment. Traditional pipes and building new pipes in people's lives, use them to meet the needs of people's lives.
        Pipe products are pipe connection parts in pipe connections in which an important role. Now construction equipment, the most widely used pipe is grooved fittings, use Groove Tube products are plumbing when in use, the connection is simple, convenient and good after installation effect, effectively prevent the pipeline a "run, run, drip, leak, "and so on.
        Groove Tube products, flanges, mechanical three, four, all kinds of angles of elbows, reducers and other pipe fittings, a variety of specifications, great to meet the use of building the pipeline.
        Groove Tube clamp connection, play pipes and pipe fittings sealing and connecting role. Installation is simple, safe and reliable.
        Groove Tube product quality is good or bad, determine the life of the pipeline, so our friends at the time of purchase, please choose good quality products. . Weifang Tongcheng Casting Co., Ltd long-term sales of all types Groove Tube products and look forward to your purchase.
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