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Address: Weifang City Fangzi District Jiulong Subdistrict Shangzhuang Village

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 Weifang Tongcheng Casting Co., Ltd. founded in August 2001, is located in the beautiful international kite - Weifang City Fangzi District Mu Village Development Zone, 20 million yuan in fixed assets, convenient transportation to bring greater Business.

        It is a set of casting, development, support for the integration of production-oriented enterprises. Mainly to provide customers with complete model pipe in a trench, fire Groove Tube, water supply groove pipe fittings and other products, the company with the strength and experience, relying on Weifang in the domestic machinery industry in the geographical advantages, the market strong demand, Weifang Cheng casting Co., Ltd. developed with another leading products - groove fittings and accessories, from the United States technology, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality management system to organize production, the product has passed a number of testing and certification authority of the professional sector, all in compliance with national standards GB5135.11-2006 "grooved pipe fittings" requirement, and has made China compulsory certification.

        Companies based on "quality first, integrity and development" approach to business, the quality of products first, and the establishment of an effective quality assurance system. Legal representative Wang, general manager of the West dry warmly welcome friends to visit us!

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